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UpNest Commerical

UpNest brings local realtors together to compete to sell your home.

Juliana portrays Kelly, a competitive real estate agent enticing a possible customer. To watch the ad below, enter password "pic"

Flip Flop Fairytale

A commercial spot for Flip Flop Fairytale Film Fest. 
The festival features films made by kids that take classic fairytales and flip-flop the story to surpass stereotypical gender roles.


After day-dreaming about killing his roommate, Adam accidentally makes it a reality.

Written and Directed by David Carson

Don't Do Sadness

A scene from the musical Spring Awakening

Music and Script: Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater

Director: Ariel Sinelnikoff

Brandless Commercial

Brandless, new online retailer, sells all organic, non-GMO, certified fair trade, and preservative-free foods for only $3! 

Juliana appears as herself in their first ad.

Mothers & Daughters

A short film about a mother and daughter reconciling

Screenplay: Tessa Villasenor

Director: Christian Sookiasan

The Audition

A short film on the art of dating and auditioning

Screenplay: Juliana Lustenader

Director: Daewon Kim

The Tenderplex

A tenderloin apartment becomes the neighborhood theatre

Winner of CMF's "Best Comedy" award at San Francisco State

Director & Producer: Christopher Scott Allen

The Break-Up Message (Trailer)

A teaser trailer for the upcoming feature film

Directed by: David Larsen
Written by: Anthony Berk & David Larsen

Behind the Scenes Photos

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